The History of Frasca International:
Past, present & future...

Frasca International was founded in 1958 by Rudy Frasca. Rudy began taking flying lessons at the age of 14 and soloed shortly thereafter. In 1949, Rudy joined the Navy and was stationed at Glenview Naval Station, where he worked as a flight instructor teaching pilots on the early Link trainers. After the Korean war, Rudy left the Navy to attend the University of Illinois, where he did research in Aviation Psychology and honed his interest in the field of flight simulation. The more Rudy worked with that early generation of pilot training devices, the more he realized that there had to be a better way. In 1958, putting together everything he had learned in the Navy and the University, Rudy built his first flight simulator at home in his garage and Frasca Aviation was founded (the name later changed to Frasca International to reflect the emerging character of the business).

With over 50 years of active flying, Rudy’s love of aviation is obvious. But aviation is not just a business for Rudy, it’s also his avocation. Over the years, Rudy has flown hundreds of aircraft and collected several, including a number of "warbirds," all in flying condition: a P-40, a recently restored Spitfire Mk XVIII, a Wildcat, an SNJ, a T-34, a Fiat, and a Zero replica.

John Frasca (shown at right with Rudy) serves as the President and CEO of Frasca International since Rudy retired in 2011. Rudy serves as Chairman of the Board and Founder. Rudy's other children, Mary, Tom, Bob, Peggy, Liz and David are also involved in the business as are several in-laws and grandchildren. Many of the Frasca family and several employees are active pilots. It is this fundamental love of aviation that drives the company to succeed in their mission to provide the tools to train safer pilots.

Frasca International is located on Frasca Field, an FBO owned and operated by the Frasca family. The field also houses Frasca Air Museum which includes Rudy's collection of WWII aircraft.The facility, built in 1990 is a 70,000 square foot building with offices and manufacturing areas. A high bay manufacturing area allows for production of multiple Full Flight Simulators. The factory includes a machine and wood shop, standard production area, custom production area, offices and shipping and receiving areas.


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