FRASCA International, Inc., Urbana, IL has delivered a Bell 206L Level 7 Flight Training Device (FTD) to Air Evac Lifeteam in O’Fallon, Missouri. The Level 7 FTD includes Garmin G500H, Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS, HTAWS, and Garmin GTN650. It will also feature Frasca’s high-fidelity NVG simulation for the ultimate realism and accuracy in NVG training and Frasca Motion Cueing System Frasca’s newly developed simulator cueing and vibration system which provides critical vestibular (more…)

ERAU Upgrades FRASCA Simulators

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Frasca will be providing upgrades to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU – Daytona Beach, FL), two DA42 Level 6 Flight Training Devices (FTDs) to accurately simulate the DA42 VI aircraft. The upgrades will include: Level 5 Master Qualification test guides, New Garmin Display Units for MFDs with GFC700 controls in bezel, GFC700 Autopilot, modifications to the instrument panel, new throttle quadrant and more. The DA42 FTDs were originally installed at ERAU in late 2007. (more…)

For Release, October 19, 2015. Turkish Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey have awarded Frasca International, Inc, Urbana, IL a contract to supply two FNPT II Flight Simulators. The simulators include a Cessna G1000 FNPT II and a Diamond DA40/42 convertible FNPT II. Both simulators feature a 210° x 57° visual display system with TruVision™ Global visual system featuring 10 customized airport databases, Traffic Advisory System (TAS) and TAWS-B for the DA42 device. The simulators will be installed at the Turkish Airlines Flight Training Center in Aydin. Similar FTD shown at left.

For release October 7, 2015, Frasca International, Inc. Urbana, IL has received a contract for an Level 5 R44 Helicopter Flight Training Device (FTD) from Central Oregon Community College (COCC), Bend, Oregon. The R44 FTD will simulate the Robinson R44 Helicopter and will feature a 3 channel cylindrical 220° Visual display system with Frasca’s TruVision™ Global visual system including helicopter Missions database for the entire state of Oregon. The R44 FTD will be used in the colleges careers pathway for aviation program which provides flight training for both fixed wing and helicopter pilots.


For Release September 25, 2015. Frasca International, Inc, Urbana, Illinois announces that Xilin Fengteng GA Corporation, Guanghang, Sichuan Province, China,has received CAAC Level 5 approval for their FRASCA TruFlite™ R44/S300 convertible Flight Training Device (FTD). This is the first Level 5 Helicopter Simulator delivered and approved in China.


Frasca International, Inc, Urbana, IL has recently installed two Cessna 172 Mentor™ AATDs (Advanced Aviation Training Devices) at the Aviation and Aerospace Science Department at Metro State University (MSU) in Denver, Colorado. During the installation, Frasca engineers also upgraded host computers on ten of their existing simulators and installed projector upgrades to their Cessna Mustang Flight Training Device (FTD).


TruCue™, FRASCA’s newly developed simulator cueing and vibration system, provides critical vestibular feedback to the pilots. This system makes the simulator fly more realistically and allows the pilot to naturally react to flight motion cues while training.

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FRASCA International Inc, Urbana, IL has delivered a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) based on the Bell 407 GX to the Bell Helicopter Training Academy, Fort Worth Texas. This is the first FFS built for the Bell 407 GX helicopter. Features include FRASCA’s TruVision™ Global visual system with TruNVG™ (night vision goggle) capability, a six axis motion system with 62” actuators and a secondary six axis vibration system (FRASCA’s TruCue™).


FRASCA International, Urbana, IL has received an order for two Cessna 172S Level 5 Flight Training Devices (FTDs) from China based Shandong Hairuio General Aviation, LTD through Lantech Engineering, FRASCA’s agent in China.


The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Academy at Mike Monroney Aeronatical Center in Oklahoma City, OK has upgrades their three FRASCA Flight Training Devices (FTDs). The three FTDs include a Cessna Mustang (originally installed in 2009) and two Baron G58 Barons (originally installed in 2005). (more…)

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