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Summer, 2014


Collegiate Flight Programs Upgrade Frasca Simulators in Response to FAA Policy Change

Several collegiate flight programs have contracted with simulator manufacturer Frasca International, to upgrade their existing Frasca simulators to be approved as FAA Level 5 Flight Training Devices (FTDs).  These include; the University of North Dakota, Liberty University, Western Michigan University, and Southern Illinois University.

The FAA’s recent Policy Change* regarding the use of simulation devices for training will reduce training credits on these devices by over 90% effective January 1, 2015.  By proactively upgrading their devices to be approved as Level 5 FTDs, these schools will not need to significantly modify their curriculum and can continue to use the FTDs as originally intended in their programs.

John Frasca, President of Frasca International, notes “This change by the FAA seems to acknowledge that there is a difference between the capabilities of the various levels of training devices.  We are pleased to be able to upgrade these existing devices so that they meet the requirements of Level 5 FTD’s allowing their owners to maximize training credits and protecting their investments“.  

As detailed in FAR Part 60, Level 5 requires specific objective tests be performed on the FTD to ensure that it accurately represents and flies like an aircraft, thus contributing to a positive learning experience while minimizing the potential for negative learning.  Level 5 also requires a Simulation Quality Management System, SQMS, that consists of formal maintenance procedures and oversight of the FTD to ensure that it consistently operates at optimal performance, again contributing to a positive learning experience while minimizing the potential for negative learning.

Frasca has obtained FAA approval on over 50 devices at Level 5 or higher through the FAA’s National Simulator Program who oversees the Level 5 FTD process. * For more information on the FAA’s Policy Change, see their online posting at


Frasca offers Simulator Flights at AirVenture

Frasca has partnered with Alpha Eta Rho and Sporty's Academy to provide simulator flights and free logbooks to first time "pilots" at this years AirVenture (July 28 - August 3, Oskosh, WI). The Frasca 172 FTD will be located in a trailer in College Park. Frasca will also have a booth in hangar C.

Alpha Eta Rho will provide volunteers from their fraternity to assist new and experienced pilots on a simulated flight.  First time pilots will be given a free logbook (sponsored by Frasca and Sporty’s Academy) to encourage them to continue their flight training. Alpha Eta Rho will also provide volunteers to assists with games and other events in the College Park Area, with the goal to spark and interest in aviation and encourage students to pursue careers in the aviation industry.

"The logbooks Sporty's provides will be a reminder of the pilot experience," says Sporty's President Michael Wolf. "Each future pilot will go home with their own logbook to add to the simulator experience."

Anthony Johnson,  National Executive Director of Alpha Eta Rho, stated, "Alpha Eta Rho is honored to be partnering with Frasca International and Sporty's to promote aviation education, training and safety to the next generation of aspiring aviators at AirVenture 2014. We encourage anyone interested in learning to fly to visit College Park and fly the Frasca - Cessna 172 Simulator with a Certified Flight Instructor from Alpha Eta Rho."
John Frasca, President of Frasca International, added; “Frasca was founded as a grass roots aviation company. Rudy Frasca started the company with a passion for flying and a goal of building the best simulators in order to train pilots better. We take a great interest in the future of aviation and our goal of providing the best simulators available to train safer pilots is still our mission.” The family owned business employs several active pilots and has participated at Oshkosh for over 40 years; as air show performers, by displaying their collection of Warbirds and as corporate exhibitors. In addition to their presence in College Park Frasca International’s booth in Hall C will provide information about their line of flight simulation products.



View from the factory floor: Employees hard at work assembling a flight training device.

employees in Hi bay

Recent Installations:

Frasca flight simulators have recently been installed at the following organizations wordwide:

Nanshan Airlines - CJ1+ Level D FFS

German Federal Police, EC155 FTD 2 FNPT III MCC

Copa Airlines - TruFlite™

LIberty University - Cessna 172 FTD

Sault College - Zlin FTD

Southern Illinois University - CRJ200 L5 FTD

Lion Air - Cessna 172 FTD

Metro State University - TruFLite™ Cessna 172 & 3 Model 142 FTDs


HAI 2012 booth


Visit Frasca at These Upcoming Trade Shows & Events: Please stop by and visit our booth!

EAA AirVenture
July 28 - Aug. 3, Oshkosh, WI

Sept. 22-24, Nashville, TN

Sept. 22-23, Bangkok

Oct. 21-23, Amsterdam