Customer Relations

Frasca is proud to be the simulator provider of choice for top flight schools, universities, military and civil organizations worldwide. There are so many reasons to choose a simulator provider. Technology. Price. Experience. They all matter. But what happens after the sale? Is your simulator provider there for you? Frasca is. Frasca sets the standard for customer service. It’s why our customers keep coming back and why they don’t hesitate to recommend us to other schools. And that’s the greatest compliment we could hope for. At Frasca, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. Our customers deserve it!

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Dominic Totino

Dominic Totino
Director of Academics and Operations Seneca College, Toronto Canada

"After purchasing 8 Training devices over the last 30 years, Frasca's customer support has been superb. Frasca has the staff and expertise to accommodate your every need, and they do it in a timely and cost effective manner."

Ivan Grau

Ivan Grau,
Chief Flight Instructor, Embry Riddle Aeronautical

"Our fleet of level 6 Frasca flight training devices provide our students with a realistic and safe environment to conduct procedural and emergency training. The high fidelity of the devices provide a positive transfer of learning to the aircraft, saving our students time and money. We use our level 6 devices to teach our students aeronautical decision making skills at all levels within our curriculum; this instruction allows us to develop a smarter and more competent pilot."

Richard A. Greene

Richard A. Greene
President, Century Air Inc.
Retired American Airlines Captain
FAA Designated Examiner

"A reputation of excellence is built over years of consistent quality and high standards and that’s what Frasca is all about."

Aeronautics students

Kodye Shier and Elizabeth Amweg
FVTC Aeronautics students

"Training in the Tru Flite with Fox Valley Tech flight instructors helped to accelerate my training and prepare me for the Multi-Engine practical test."

Patrick Lendepergt

Patrick Lendepergt

"Our simulators get a lot of use and Frasca's reliable customer service keeps them up and running."