Frasca Pre-Flown Flight Training Devices

Fly with Confidence!

There used to be only two options when purchasing flight training devices – new or used. New may be the preferred option but not always financially feasible, and buying a used device can be risky. Now there is a third alternative – less costly than buying new and without the risk of buying a used device. The solution is a Frasca "Pre-Flown" factory refurbished and warranted FTD.

Buying a Frasca Pre-Flown FTD is a wise investment that saves not only money, but also the hassle that can go along with buying used equipment that has not been properly maintained and cannot be serviced. Frasca stands behind every Pre-Flown device, giving you the added benefit of peace-of-mind.

The Frasca Pre-Flown FTD Guarantee:
Strict inspection and reconditioning:


For more information on Frasca Pre-Flown devices, contact our sales department at (217) 344-9200 or click here to send an email.

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