The Frasca TruFlite™ line of simulators and sub-systems are designed to provide the ultimate in realism by combining experience with developing technology.

The Frasca TruFlite™ is a reconfigurable device loaded with features for training in both single and twin engine aircraft. Using Frasca’s Computer Generated Instrumentation (CGI) and realistic overlays with bezels, screws, glass and knobs, the Frasca TruFlite™ device can be converted between a twin engine general aviation aircraft and a single engine aircraft in minutes. See how this works in the animated photo at right.

The TruFlite™ incorporates Frasca’s newest technology developed for Level 6 FTDs and Full Flight Simulators. This technology has been repackaged to be cost effective for production line devices – offering our customers high fidelity at an affordable price.

Features & Options

Several options are available to customize the Frasca TruFlite™:

Frasca also offers a TruFliteH™ line of reconfigurable helicopter simulators:



TruFlite™ Video Clip