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TruVision™ and TruVision Global™

TruVision™ is Frasca's family of image generators and visual display systems available in a variety of configurations designed to meet a wide range of technical and budgetary requirements. These visual systems provide the pilot with a realistic out-the-window scene of the airport and its surrounding environment.

TruVision is available on most Frasca Simulators and Flight Training Devices, for fixed wing or helicopter, and can be added as an upgrade to most existing Frasca devices. TruVision™ is now even more impressive with the introduction of TruVision Global™ featuring worldwide database coverage as the default base map level. This base map includes over 10,000 runways, coastlines, representative terrain, rivers, roads, and more; allowing the pilot to fly anywhere in the world and view representative terrain and runways in each area.

TruVision Global™ features include: continuous time of day, sun/moon/star models, sea state simulation, urban lighting, moving automobile lights at night, robust entity support, and automatic building generation. TruVision Global™ allows for high detail areas to be added as needed with support for automatic building generation. Satellite or aerial imagery can be easily added through a drag-and-drop process, and will automatically integrate with the base map features. Customized high detail airports are also available.

TruVision™ Features & Options

The entry level TruVision™ textured visual system utilizes a high resolution video display and Frasca image generation technology. A more advanced version adds additional hardware providing an even higher resolution, multi-channel blended display and additional graphics processing power allowing for more scene content. TruVision Global™ features worldwide coverage as the default base map level. All systems provide similar IG feature sets including weather effects, configurable runways, accurate runway-specific approach light systems and more.

Visual scenes from custom databases. Click on images to enlarge.

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