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It’s time to get real about flight training. Until now, affordable training devices have been lacking when it comes to features and quality. Frasca is changing that with the new Frasca RTD™ - Reconfigurable Training Device.

The RTD is a feature rich Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that combines FRASCA quality with real-world affordability. The RTD can be reconfigured to convert to different aircraft models. Its durable design and easy maintenance makes it a reliable training tool. The RTD is much more than a simulator. It’s a solution.

Dollar for dollar, the RTD is the most immersive flight training experience available.

Starting at $58,000

Frasca RTD 3 Channel

Frasca is redefining the quality of entry level training devices.

Frasca RTD Glass Vertical

It became apparent that there is a very real demand for a better AATD that delivers quality and customer service and that customers are willing to pay a fair price to get both. We knew that our advancements in simulation, computer and manufacturing technology would enable us to build an AATD without sacrificing our fundamental values of quality, reliability and service.

Frasca RTD Hot Swap Panels

Easy change configuration kits featuring quick release fasteners, self aligning captive connectors and hot swap capability.

Reconfigurable to match YOUR training aircraft

What do you need to fly today? The RTD is easily reconfigurable to support training for a variety of aircraft types including the Cessna 172 and the Piper Seminole, with options for legacy or glass cockpit avionics.

Realistic Avionics

Realistic avionics. Better training in the simulator with less time needed in the aircraft results in saving time and money.

Frasca RTD 3 Channel Panel Legacy Gauge

Browser Based IOS

Browser Based Instructor/Operator Station (IOS)

The Frasca RTD features a browser based IOS interface that can be used on a tablet, desktop or your phone for the ultimate in convenient instructor access. Through the IOS the instructor can control the RTD’s simulated environment (wind, temp, time of day, etc.) and cause simulated failures (engine, avionics, fuel, etc.)

Frasca RTD IOS
Frasca RTD 3 Channel Panel Legacy Gauge
Frasca RTD Panel

Compact, Durable, and Easily Serviceable

The RTD features durable all metal construction that can withstand the high usage training environment with minimum downtime due to breakage. The user has fewer hassles from cancelled lessons while the operator has less risk of lost revenue.

Feature rich, even if you're not

  • Reconfigurable to convert to different aircraft models
  • Realistic avionics
  • Durable all metal construction
  • Available in single or twin aircraft types
  • Operational knobs and switches in correct positions for accurate tactile experience
  • Durable hardware for consistent and reliable usage with minimal downtime
  • Open or closed cockpit options
  • Single or three channel visual display options
  • Realistic look and feel of actual aircraft panel
  • Browser interface for ease of instruction
  • Easy maintenance and diagnostics (software included)
  • Modular (standardized LRUs)
  • Realistic aerodynamics
  • LCD flat screen display with FRASCA CGI technology

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