Connected Sim™

Making Pilot Training More Efficient

The Connected Sim by Frasca


The Connected Simulator™ (TCS) is a cloud-based system designed by FRASCA International, Inc. that will grow into what the future of online flight training should be. The main goal of TCS is to increase aviation safety by providing a seamless connection between cloud-based services, simulators, instructors, and flight training facilities, making simulators readily accessible to the public.

Frasca Archer RTD
Browser Based IOS TCS

For student pilots in all phases of training:

Key online features provide control of connected simulators through the Web IOS, as well as management of groups, members, member permissions, member invites, start up scripts, and debriefing information after a flight.

The future of The Connected Simulator™ will provide advanced services that will lead the industry in online flight training. Future cloud-based services will include simplified software updates, record keeping, remote and automated flight instruction, simulator and instructor scheduling, payment processing, curriculum, learning management systems, debrief tools, and more. Services will include those developed by FRASCA, as well as a robust suite of third party tools.

The Connected Simulator TCS

Benefits of The Connected Sim™

Ease of use - plug-n-play architecture offers seamless user experience from takeoff to touchdown Master a maneuver faster - remote instruction and debrief provides comprehensive feedback Less expensive - reduction in real aircraft usage means lower cost per flight hour Stay safe - practice complicated in flight scenarios and emergency situations in a secure environment

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