ATP Flight School Purchases 20 Flight Simulators (AATDs) From Frasca to Support Airline Pilot Training

ATP Flight School

ATP Flight School has announced the purchase of 20 Flight Simulators, specifically Advanced Aircraft Training Devices (AATDs), from Frasca Flight Simulation. Carrying a list price of six million dollars, the FAA- approved AATDs will be used exclusively in ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program to train the next generation of airline pilots.

ATP pioneered accelerated airline pilot training in 1984 and, since then, has continued investing in new technology to lead industry performance and provide efficient training that develops professional airline pilots. The purchase of 20 simulators from Frasca represents the next evolution of that mission, as ATP expands its fleet of simulators, making it possible to introduce students to foundational skills in a safe and controlled environment. This airline—oriented approach increases proficiency and maximizes the time spent learning in the aircraft.

Each device features an accurate physical representation of either a Piper Archer or Cessna Skyhawk flight deck, with 220° wrap-around visuals surrounding the student. Inside, actual Garmin 61000 avionics mirror the identically equipped Archers and Skyhawks in ATP's fleet, including the 40-plus new aircraft ATP has on order. Active control loading is paired with modeled flight data to replicate the aerodynamics and control feedback of the actual aircraft. This industry-leading fidelity and realism allow for a more impactful transfer of learning and skill from the simulator to the airplane, increasing the effectiveness of training.

"Key to providing the most efficient path to a successful airline pilot career is investing in new technologies and resources that allow ATP students to train more effectively and safely," said Michael Arnold, Director of Marketing, ATP Flight School. "Investing in these state-of—art AATDs increases safety during the initial stages of training and will allow students to gain proficiency in fundamental skills on the ground to maximize their time in the air."

"Frasca and ATP have been partners for many years. These 20 new Frasca FTD's for the C172 and Archer will support ATP's training programs with the most technically advanced and realistic flight simulation available. This will ensure a maximum transfer of learning and contribute to increased safety," statedJohn Frasca, President of Frasca International, Inc.

ATP operates 450 aircraft and 130 simulators across 70 locations, including an existing fleet of Level 5 and 6 flight training devices. Deliveries of the new Frasca simulators will begin at the end of the second quarter and continue through year-end.

Frasca Cessna 172 Simulator
Frasca Piper Archer Simulator