American Flyers and Frasca share a long history in civilian simulator training that continues to grow even today. It all started in 1939, when Reed Pigman founded charter airline and flight training facility American Flyers in Ft. Worth, Texas. American Flyers provided primary flight training to civilian and military pilots, having been chosen as one

Throughout the past 60 years, Frasca has established itself as a leader in simulator‐based training technology, offering flight training simulation solutions for all aircraft types and market sectors including commercial and defense markets. Frasca’s dedication to developing new and innovative simulation solutions has allowed the company to stay ahead of changing technological advances in instrumentation,

Customer Service

Frasca’s Support Center resources are designed to help our customers operate and maintain their simulators to peak capacity, 24/7/365. From a customer service portal and forum to useful articles, service bulletins, and “how-tos”, Frasca’s support center keeps the answers you need at your fingertips. To access the support center, direct your browser to While

There are two main factors to consider when selecting a flight simulator. The first should always be how accurately the flight simulator emulates the actual aircraft your student flies. The “Law of Primacy’ dictates that the information and skills a student learns first creates the strongest impressions, making them difficult to change in the future.


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