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Cessna 172 Frasca Simulator

July 20, 2021. Urbana, Illinois –Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach, Florida campus is upgrading nine (9) of their Frasca-built Flight Training Devices (FTDs). The FTDs, configured for the Cessna 172 aircraft when they were first delivered in 2001, were certified Level 6 devices featuring cutting-edge technology, including wraparound visual systems and Garmin G1000 avionics.

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Frasca International & Epic Flight Academy have collaborated to create a new modernized ab-initio program utilizing Frasca MCS simulator (motion cueing system) and Epic Fight Academy pilot training curriculum.  The program with a focus on enhancing the private pilot portion of training has proven successful, students who complete the program earn their private pilot’s license


April 8, 2021 URBANA, IL. – FRASCA International, Inc. (FRASCA) has been named as a subcontractor for the US Navy TH-73A Aircrew Training Services (ATS) Contract. The prime contract was awarded to FlightSafety Defense, a FlightSafety International Company that will provide Contractor Instructional Services (CIS) and availability on 18 FRASCA-designed and manufactured Level 6 and

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Frasca New FFS Building

March 1, 2021 Urbana, IL. FRASCA International, Inc (FRASCA) will be expanding their manufacturing facility in response to strong flight simulator sales including a contract for a Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for an undisclosed helicopter operator. FRASCA currently operates out of an 85,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility which includes two additional

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February 24, 2021 Urbana, IL. FRASCA International, Inc (FRASCA) has received an order for an EC135 Level 5 Flight Training Device (FTD) from TKK (Tokyo Aircraft Instrument Co.), Tokyo, Japan. The FTD will include some very advanced features including a visual system with five (5) 70 inch flat panel HDTV monitors mounted in front of

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Frasca Piper M600 Simulator

VERO BEACH, Fla., February 2, 2021 – Piper Aircraft announced today that exclusive factory training provider for the M600, Legacy Flight Training, has taken delivery of a Frasca M600/SLS Simulator. Training using the new type specific device began on February 1, 2021. The flight simulator uses a Piper sourced M600 fuselage, pilot seating, sub panels,

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Cirrus SR20

The US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO has taken delivery of a FRASCA Cirrus SR20 Flight Training Device (FTD). The FTD features a 270-degree TruVision Global wraparound visual system with a custom database, CAPS simulation, real Garmin 1000 Perspective avionics suite, electronic control loading, Simplicity Instructor operator station with a remote tablet, and more.

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December 14, 2020 –– Bend, OR and Urbana, IL –– Epic Aircraft has selected FRASCA International to build the first simulator for their E1000 GX Flight Training Program. The simulator will be built around an authentic Epic aircraft cockpit, featuring the actual Garmin G1000 NXi Avionics Suite and the Garmin GFC 700 Automated Flight Control

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Frasca Cessna 172 Motion Flight Simulator on FMCS

Epic Flight Academy, New Smyrna Beach, FL has taken delivery of a Frasca 172 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with Frasca’s Motion Cueing System for fixed wing devices (FMCS-FX). They are the first flight school to own and operate a general aviation device with this level of high fidelty motion.The AATD is the first of

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