Visual System Projectors
6 Channel NVG Projector Assembly


Frasca’s TruVision™ puts you in the middle of a highly detailed world with custom options for satellite/aerial imagery, terrain mapping, and modeled details. Our Image Generator uses the best available COTS PC hardware and FRASCA’s TruVision™ software. Display systems are available in single-channel direct view and projected configurations, as well as wrap-around multi-channel configurations with large horizontal and vertical fields of view. Worldwide depiction of over 10,000 runways, terrain, world-wide coastlines, and fully variable time of day are all standard features. TruVision™ adds incredible realism and training value to your simulator.

Visual Display Systems

Frasca designs and manufactures both spherical and cylindrical direct view display systems for use on fixed base and motion simulators. We can supply screens only or can also include projectors, blending shutters and light tight enclosures. Frasca’s multi-channel seamless blended projection systems feature fields-of-view of 220°x58° and 200°x70°, with capabilities for even larger customized systems. Display systems can include Dual channel RGB+IR projectors for realistic NVG goggle stimulation.

Components Visual Systems
Visual Dome installation on Bell 407 Full Flight Simulator.