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When it comes to military and parapublic simulation, our experience counts

Navy selects Frasca to provide 10 TH-57 Simulators for NAWCTSC/FSSC

Past and Present Military and Parapublic Programs Supported by FRASCA

We understand the mission critical nature of military flight training operations. FRASCA is focused on delivering high-quality, ground based training systems (GBTS) to satisfy your training requirements, and designed to meet the most exacting specifications.

Frasca PC9 Simulator

  • Navy TH-57 Contract
  • PC9 Upgrades
  • OH-58D OFT #3 FSXXI
  • 8 UH-72A Cockpits for Lakota Team Procedural Trainers
  • 16 T1A OFT Upgrades USAF
  • 9 FTDs PEO-STRI Iraqi AF
  • 6 FTDs USAF Afghan Air Force
  • 12 T-6 FTDs US Air Force Academy
  • PEO-STRI Mexican Air Force Bell 212/412 FTD
  • US Army 9 TH-67 CPTs Ft Rucker IERW
  • Frasca UH-72 Simulator


    Training Solutions

    NVG missions are challenging and require intense training for qualification and currency. Flight simulation training must incorporate highly accurate, realistic, and practical solutions for training NVG crews.

    Our solutions for NVG training devices can be used for initial familiarization through recurrent training and checking. With the right equipment and training plan, your pilots can maintain optempo and proficiency.

    Mission training features include NVG compatible cockpits, NVG and FLIR visual systems, vibration platforms, and full motion bases. FRASCA simulators are well-suited to train initial entry students to advanced operational fixed and rotary wing.

    Air Evac NVG Training
    Frasca B206FTD NVG

    FRASCA simulators are found in over 70 countries including many foreign military training pipelines. FRASCA maintains the ability to support our equipment around the world. Whatever the mission, you can count on FRASCA!