Frasca is committed to airborne law enforcement training with the HTD

Watch how the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department use their Frasca HTD

The FRASCA HTD is an ideal product designed for:

helicopter air ambulance providers, airborne law enforcement, introductory turbine transition training, and ab-initio flight schools. The Frasca HTD comes with an attractive price-point and an impressive list of standard features.

Choose Your Model

B206, B407

additional models coming soon

Choose Your Avionics

Analog, G500H -
GTN™ 650, or
Optional GTN™ 750

Standard Features Included

  • One aircraft configuration kit - Select from B206, B407. Additional models coming soon (R44, AS350)
  • Either G500H or analog instrument panel
  • Garmin GTN™ 650
  • Collective grip based on your aircraft configuration kit
  • (governed or ungoverned piston, modulated, or FADEC)
  • Annunciator Panel and Circuit Breakers required in RFM procedures
  • Frasca’s Helicopter Mission Training Database
  • Single channel visual system
  • Simplicity™ Touch-Screen Instructor Station
  • AATD qualified

Additional Add-on options

  • Additional aircraft kits can be purchased to add training value
  • Garmin GTN™ 750
  • Simulated HeliSAS
  • 3 channel visual display system
  • Trailer for mobility or self-contained facility
  • Custom Databases for your area of operation
Garmin GTN 650
Frasca HTD Helicopter Training Device

“You can't practice IIMC in an actual aircraft,” explains Sullivan. “And it's hard to evaluate whether you're proficient or not in an actual aircraft. The simulator makes this possible.”

Seven HTDs Added to Training Fleet

Air Evac added seven Frasca HTDs(Helicopter Training Devices) in 2017. “Each of the HTDs (which are qualified as AATDs) will support about 20 bases and may be used instead of an actual aircraft for a portion of the training time,” says Sullivan. “The devices include a LongRanger cockpit, glass instrument panel and autopilot, but don’t have a motion system.” The AATDs will support Air Evac’s goal of improving pilot decision-making, reducing aircraft accidents and improving safety through high quality training.

Every four months, Air Evac’s 600 pilots will visit an AATD to practice flight in inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC) and HAA operating procedures. The two training sessions will allow a pilot to experience a variety of scenarios.


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