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Flight Test & Data Acquisition

Reliable flight test data is critical for making the accurate flight models required by realistic simulators. Frasca performs flight testing on both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. Frasca flight tests have been used to support all levels of Flight Training Devices and Full Flight Simulators, including FAA Level D. Frasca recognizes that aircraft availability is often difficult and as result, Frasca has developed processes and techniques that greatly shorten the amount of time an aircraft is out of service.

Flight Modeling

Quality training requires a flight model that accurately represents the systems and flight characteristics of aspecific aircraft. Frasca's modeling techniques blend high-quality predictive and empirical methods. This combination provides accurate data matching, and when appropriate, can realistically reproduce aircraft behavior outside the flight test data envelope. Benefits include simulation of slow flight, retreating blade stall, sling loads, hoist operations, spraying/firefighting, etc. Let Frasca produce an aerodynamic model for your simulator.

Components Flight Test S92
S92 Flight Test
Components Flight Test
Flight Test Engineer's station set up in an R44 Helicopter.

Flight Test Instrumentation

Comprehensive aircraft data is gathered by sophisticated sensors and instruments installed on aircraft systems, controls and the airframe. Several channels of HD video are synchronized with the sensors and data bus recordings. This results in clean and thorough data which leads to high quality flight models. Frasca has also developed the special utilities that synchronize and process all this data in a usable format along with the documentation tools to simplify data validation and simulator qualification.