Hello Rudy

EAA Air Venture "Oshkosh" was one of Rudy's favorite events. As his illness progressed and wasn't able to be there all week we started the "Hello Rudy" book where people wrote messages for him, even stories of events they had shared.

We wanted to give his friends the opportunity to continue this tradition so invite you to say Hello Rudy one more time.

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  1. Julie M. says :Reply

    Growing up, I was a friend and schoolmate of Mary Frasca. Whenever I went to their house, Rudy made me feel like I was part of the family. His deep love for his family was very clear. I had no idea how influential he was in the world of aviation until I grew up. To me, he was my friend’s gregarious, loving father. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing and want to extend my deepest condolences to the family.

  2. Larry Flesner says :Reply

    Rudy was kind enough and took the time at one of his fly-ins to autograph the seat back in my experimental. He is with me in spirit on every flight.

  3. Tim says :Reply

    Rudy took me for my very first airplane ride. I was a student at Chanute AFB in Jet engine school. I went down to the airport one Saturday morning and Rudy was there. He introduced himself and showed me around the airport. I had no idea of who he was at the time. He asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast with them, I said sure. If I remember right we took the Scout. I was hooked. 2 years later I got my pilots license. I will always remember that. He made a lasting impression on my life. Thank you Rudy for a wonderful life in aviation.

  4. Bob Lavery says :Reply

    A gentleman, a good man. He cared. He was
    very kind to my Dad and many years later to me.
    My prayers are offered for his swift flight to heaven
    and for the comfort of the great family, and people
    of the company he leaves.

  5. Joe Hopkins says :Reply

    Fond memories of meeting you for the first time when I went to your company for training to learn how to maintain your early model which had cables and a crawler, and not much electronics. Compared to your modern machines– Wow! We have come a long ways, baby! Thanks for your contributions to aviation and safety.

  6. peggy says :Reply

    You were an amazing dad and role model. Will miss you everyday, but I know you are flying high!

  7. Dausie says :Reply

    1. I am saddened by hearing of the passing of Rudy Frasca. He was truly one of the great innovators of the aviation industry.
    2. May, 1970, I am excited to start my “free” training for a multi-engine rating, using a new Frasca 102F, and a Baron model 58. The combination worked great! After completion, per our agreement, I wrote a letter to the FAA, explaining the usage / benefits of using the 102F. The FAA approved Tulsair Beechcraft School of Aviation, to change some airplane hours for 102F hours in their multi-engine course. Thank you Rudy!!

  8. Roger says :Reply

    Loved the taildragger fly-ins he hosted at Frasca Field! A generous and humble man who made every person feel both welcomed and valued.

  9. Roger says :Reply

    I always loved your tail dragger fly-ins at Frasca Field. Most, I loved how you made everyone feel welcome with your humble, generous spirit.

  10. Randy says :Reply

    Thank you Rudy, for all that you have done. Blue skies and tailwinds…

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