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Bell 206 FTD cyclic.

Control Loading Systems

Frasca’s control loading systems feature high-torque electric motors with robust linkages to generate the forces that pilots encounter under normal and abnormal conditions. An integrated digital controller utilizes high-resolution sensors to monitor force and position at each control. Simulation software accurately models control interactions including cross-coupling between controls and realistic malfunctions. These accurate and durable systems help to ensure that pilots acquire a real feel for the aircraft in all conditions. Frasca’s control loading systems are tuned to match aircraft data and meet all levels of simulator approvals.

Vibration Systems

Frasca's expertise in rotorcraft simulation has led to development of proprietary vibration systems that can add realism to both fixed-base and full-motion simulations. The oscillations experienced during helicopter start-up, hover, and translational lift are best re-created by vibration systems,

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Full Flight Vibration System