When Legacy Flight Training Needed A Simulator To Train Their Piper M600 Customers, They Turned To Frasca International.

Customer Feature


Legacy Flight Training is an authorized Piper Training Provider for the entire product line, Legacy provides flight training for their customers in their aircraft. They are also the exclusive Piper authorized training provider for the new M600/SLS.

Legacy’s mission is to provide professional, personalized training to their customers with outstanding quality, resulting in the highest level of safety possible.

Legacy’s highly qualified and experienced flight instructors come from a diverse aviation background and must complete a thorough standardization program before training customers. This commitment to hiring only the best instructors guarantees quality training for the PA-46 family of aircraft.


When Piper moved their Vero Beach facility operations to Orlando, Bill and his wife, Diane made the decision to start their own training center and Legacy Flight Training LLC opened their doors in 2010 at the Vero Beach Airport Terminal.

The Solution

Legacy took delivery of their FRASCA M600/SLS simulator in February of 2021. To uphold Legacy’s commitment to providing professional training, The Frasca team ensured the simulator was identical to a true Piper cabin experience – featuring:

• Piper sourced M600 fuselage
• Pilot seating
• Sub panels
• Switching and flight controls which enable real world, model specific training for all M600 aircraft
• M600 type specific Garmin G3000 avionics with Piper’s HALO safety system
• Inflight stability protection
• Level mode and auto throttle system
• Multi-channel projection system with wrap around visuals creates a realistic training experience


Legacy chose FRASCA as their simulator supplier for several reasons, including the ability to provide a highly representative simulator for an advanced technology aircraft.

According to Bill Inglis “having representative simulators allows pilots to achieve a higher level of knowledge, readiness and safety, than with ground and flight training alone. We will continue to invest in making sure Piper owners are able to step into their new aircraft, year after year, being able to take advantage of all the benefits their Piper offers them, safely.”

Legacy expects to host approximately 500 customers a year and over 100 of them will train in the new FRASCA M600/SLS Simulator.

Need a Simulator?

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