Full Flight Simulators for Helicopter and Fixed Wing

Frasca's Full Flight Simulators combine high fidelity with value. Our experience with Full Flight Simulators includes both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Our Programs include FFS deliveries for CJ1+, KingAir, Cessna Caravan, Bell 412, Bell 407, S92, S76, and EC225 aircraft.

We build Level B, C and D Full Flight Simulators with all the technology, sub-systems, bells and whistles required. Our motion bases, visual systems, control loading, sound simulation and other features are engineered with the highest attention to detail, realism, reliability and customer satisfaction. But there’s much more to a FRASCA Simulator than a features list.

We’ll work with you from the start to design, build and deliver a simulator that meets your exact specifications and qualification requirements.

Our Full Flight Simulators include:

  • Level B,C, & D FAA or JAA certification available
  • Powerful electric motion for clean, quiet operation
  • Frasca TruVision™ visual system with 200 x 70 field of view
  • High resolution projectors
  • Blade Element modeling technique
  • NVG compatibility
  • Electric control loading
  • Multi-channel sound simulation
  • Direct view and collimated visual systems available