Frasca Motion Cueing System

Our fixed based devices have excellent training value, however, by adding our Motion Cueing System, the training value increases. Frasca’s Motion Cueing System is a compact motion system designed to increase pilot training efficiency by providing very accurate vestibular & proprioceptive feedback through cueing and vibration. The results are incredibly realistic motion cues and accurate pilot reactions during flight - ultimately allowing for better and more efficient pilot training.
Frasca Motion Cueing System AS350
Frasca Motion Cueing System AS350


Frasca’s MCS has a faster response than a conventional 60” system. This allows for more realistic cues during complex tasks such as hover. In addition, pilot workload to fly the FTD is reduced to be comparable to that of the aircraft – the pilot can focus on the mission aspect of his training rather than simply controlling the FTD.


Studies have shown the importance of motion cues during certain helicopter maneuvers. Without a quality motion system, pilots are forced to adapt. With quality motion there is less need to adapt. Pilots can start training immediately.

AS350 Frasca Motion Cueing System

AS350 FTD with Frasca's Motion Cueing System


A simulator equipped with FMCS costs much less than a Full Flight Simulator (FFS), can fit into a smaller facility and has lower operating costs than a FFS.


FMCS consists of a 6 Degree of Freedom (6DoF) motion base optimized for helicopter simulation and is based on technology used in FRASCA’s Level D Full Flight Simulators.

  • 6” actuators – with brushless DC motors
  • 3 pneumatic assist cylinders (1 per actuator pair)
  • 6DOF hexapod configuration (Stewart platform)
  • Vibration bandwidth > 60 Hz
  • System update rate 1000 Hz
  • Available as an upgrade to currently in-service training devices
  • Graphical software for debugging and maintenance
  • Component based software modeling for motion cues and vibrations
  • Shorter stroke eliminates washout errors
Frasca Motion Cueing System 3D
Frasca Cessna 172 Motion Flight Simulator on FMCS

FMCS installed on Cessna 172.