Cessna 172


Actual Garmin G1000 NXi

Hardware and software operates and functions exactly like the aircraft for maximum transfer of learning.

Flight Deck

Accurate representation of the aircraft with operational knobs and switches in their correct positions, and a fiberglass shell that is similar in size and shape as the actual aircraft for a realistic learning environment.

Flight / Aerodynamics Model

Based on actual aircraft flight test data. Enables students to transfer a greater amount of learning from the training device to the aircraft.

Cessna 172 FTD

Active Control Loading

Pressures on all flight controls change with airspeed and configuration to provide the pilot with realistic feedback on the controls just like when flying the actual aircraft.

Visual Display

Wrap-around, 220° horizontal x 57° vertical view outside the simulated aircraft of smoothly moving landscape, structures and sky creates the illusion and feeling of actually flying.

Equipped per US Specifications ... $245,000.00

Does not include costs for shipping and installation

Real Garmin G1000 NXi Hardware & Software

  • (2) GDU-1050B for PFD & MFD
  • System Software Version 2501.03
  • SafeTaxi and FliteCharts

Simulated Components

  • GMA-1347 Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon/Intercom
  • GTX-335R Transponder-Mode S w-TIS
  • GEA-71B Engine/Airframe computer
  • GSU-75 Air Data, Attitude & Heading Reference System
  • GMU-44 Magnetometer
  • King KN-63 DME

Engine & Propeller Modeling

  • Lycoming IO-360-L2A
  • McCauley 2-blade, fixed pitch

Navigation Databases

  • Regional Jeppesen database for G1000
  • World-wide Jeppesen database for Visual, Host & IOS
  • G1000 update procedures same as actual aircraft

Circuit Breakers

All circuit breakers are installed, some associated with emergency procedures may be “tripped” so the associated equipment becomes inoperative

Instructor Operator Station

  • FRASCA’s exclusive Simplicity™ IOS
  • 2 Touch Screens on desk
  • Scenario Building Tool
  • Maintenance and Calibration Tools

Visual System Databases

Worldwide runways accurately placed for over 10,000 airfields with representative surface types, markings, and lighting Taxiway layouts (including markings and signage), windsocks, and aprons for many airfields Worldwide terrain elevation and imagery, ocean coastlines, major roads, major railroads, and major powerlines

Sound System

A multi-channel amplifier boosts sounds recorded from the actual aircraft to several speakers placed throughout the cockpit Headset jacks for Pilot, Copilot and Instructor allow communications

1 Year Warranty

Includes replacement or repair of defective parts, technical support, and remote diagnostics Extended Warranty packages available


  • Approved as FAA AATD
  • Other approval levels available per options
  • Garmin Enhanced Situational Awareness Package

    Includes Synthetic Vision, Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS-B), and ChartView with Jeppesen’s Electronic Approach Plates
  • FAA Level 5 FTD approval

    Includes MQTG and on-site assistance during initial inspection
  • Garmin GFC-700 Integrated Autopilot

    Includes Electric Trim & Electronic Stability Protection and Under Speed Protection (replaces GDU-1050B’s with GDU-1054B’s)
  • Motion Cueing System, High-Fidelity

    Call For Price
  • Upgrade Visuals to Laser Projectors, from Lamp-Based Projectors

  • Upgrade Visuals to Spherical Screen, from Cylindrical Screen

    Includes Laser Projectors
  • Instructor’s Cab, semi-enclosed



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