Cessna 172

Accuracy and Realism.

Real Garmin G1000 Avionics Components – operates and functions in the FSTD as it does in the aircraft for maximum transfer of learning

Aerodynamics – flies very realistic to the actual aircraft utilizing our in-house developed technologies

Extensive Aircraft Systems Simulation – validated systems modeling enables realistic scenario based training

Cessna 172 Enclosure – fiberglass shell that is the same size and shape as the actual aircraft

Simplicity Instructor Station – utilizes touch screens for ease of use and dark backgrounds with primary colored large buttons to avoid eye strain

Electric Control Loading – pressures on the flight controls change with airspeed and configuration to provide the pilot with realistic control feel

TruVision™ Global Visual System – accurate positioning of 20,000 runways worldwide with terrain, major city outlines, interstates, rivers, and ocean coastlines

Advanced Sound System – accurate sounds for engine and systems provides a more realistic environment which leads to a greater transfer of learning

iPad Interface – enables aviation apps to portray the simulated aircraft’s position and altitude the same as it does in the actual aircraft

Auto-Calibration – pre-defined script calibrates the FTD controls and indicators for simplified maintenance

Mentor™ – Available in a Mentor configuration

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    Visual Display

    The visual system provides a wrap-around, 210° view of what the pilot would see outside the aircraft.

    Flight Deck

    The flight deck is an accurate representation of the aircraft, with operational knobs and switches in their correct positions, surrounded by a fiberglass shell that is the same size and shape as the actual aircraft.

    Cessna 172 FTD

    Instructor Station

    Frasca’s exclusive Simplicity Instructor Operators Station utilizes touch screen for ease of use and dark backgrounds to avoid eye strain.

    Electronics Cabinet

    Multiple Commercial off-The Shelf (COTS) computers are linked together via an Ethernet network.

    Qualification, choice of:

    • FAA Level 5 FTD
    • FAA AATD
    • TC Level 5 FTD
    • TC Level 2 FTD
    • CAAC Level 5 FTD

    Real Garmin Avionics

    • GDU-1040 Primary Flight Display (PFD)
    • GDU-1040 Multi-Function Display (MFD)
    • System Software 0563.26
    • Fully Functional SafeTaxi and FliteCharts

    Garmin Avionics Simulated by Frasca

    • GFC-700 Integrated Autopilot with Electric Trim
    • GMA-1347 Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon/Intercom
    • GTX-33 Transponder-Mode S w-TIS
    • GIA-63W NAV/COM/GPS/WAAS w/GS #1
    • GIA-63W NAV/COM/GPS/WAAS w/GS #2
    • GEA-71 Engine/Airframe computer
    • GRS-77 Attitude & Heading Reference System
    • GDC-74A Air Data Computer w/ OAT Probe
    • GMU-44 Magnetometer

    Other Avionics Simulated by Frasca

    • Bendix/King KN-63 DME
    • Bendix/King KR-87 ADF

    Electric Control Loading

    • Aileron Axis
    • Elevator Axis
    • Rudder Axis

    Flight Deck

    • Accurate Sized Fiberglass Shell
    • Knobs and Switches in Correct Locations
    • Two Adjustable Seats on Extended Rails
    • Two Control Yokes
    • Two Sets of Rudder Pedals with Toe Brakes
    • Interior with Armrests and Map Pockets

    Advanced Sound Simulation

    • Fuel Pump
    • Engine Starter
    • Engine Combustion
    • Runway Rumble
    • Slip Stream
    • Flaps Extension and Retraction
    • Runway Touchdown
    • Environmental Sounds
    • Malfunction Effects
    • Aural Warning Tones
    • Crash

    Standby Indicators, displayed on LCD

    • Attitude Indicator
    • Altimeter
    • Airspeed Indicator

    Operational Circuit Breakers

    • Alternator Field
    • Audio Panel
    • Autopilot
    • Avionics Bus #1
    • Avionics Bus #2
    • Avionics Bus ADC AHRS
    • Avionics Bus NAV 1 ENG
    • Avionics Bus PFD
    • Beacon Light
    • Cabin Lights
    • Comm 1
    • Comm 2
    • DME/ADF
    • Essentials Bus ADC AHRS
    • Essentials Bus NAV 1 ENG
    • Essentials PFD
    • Flaps
    • Fuel Pump
    • Landing Light
    • Multi Function Display
    • NAV 2
    • Navigation Lights
    • Panel Lights
    • Pitot Heat
    • Stall Warning
    • Standby Battery
    • Standby Indicator Lights
    • Strobe Lights
    • Taxi Light
    • Transponder

    Visual System

    • TruVision™ Global
    • Accurate Positioning of 20,000 Runways Worldwide
    • Worldwide Terrain
    • Major City Outlines
    • Interstates
    • Major Rivers
    • Ocean Coastlines
    • Display Consists of Single Projector and Flat Screen
    • Field of View 45° horizontal by 30° vertical
    • Simulated Aircraft's Propeller and Wings are in View

    Instructor Station

    • Simplicity™ Instructor Station
    • 2 Touch Screens
    • Keypad
    • Tablet Interface
    • Headphone/Microphone Jacks
    • Desk
    • Worldwide Jeppesen Data
    • Scenario Building Options
    • Maintenance and Calibration Tools


    • iPad Interface
    • Networked to other FSTDs

    Aircraft Model Options

    • 172S
    • 172R

    Qualification Options

    • On-Site Qualification Support
    • Auto-Certification Hardware and Software
    • Simulator Quality Management System (SQMS)

    Garmin G1000 Options

    • Synthetic Vision
    • ChartView Electronic Approach Plates by Jeppesen
    • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS-B)

    Visual Display Options

    • 3 Channel with LCDs
    • 3 Channel Projectors on Cylindrical Screen 210° x 57°
    • 3 Channel Projectors on Spherical Screen 220° x 58°

    Custom Visual Options

    • 1 Meter Satellite Imagery
    • High Detail Custom Airport Database
    • 3D Buildings and Structures

    IOS Station Options

    • Semi Enclosed Cab
    • Debrief Station with Cockpit Camera & Microphone


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