Simplicity™ Instructor Operating Station and 220 Degree Visual System

Seminole Flight Simulator

Simplicity™ IOS and 180 Degree Visual System


Our simulation device levels range from AATDs to Full Flight Simulators.

Full Flight Simulators

Frasca is a proven supplier of Full Flight Simulators (FFS). We have delivered Levels B through D FFSs for a wide range of aircraft types to customers around the world. This experience provides you with the confidence that your project requirements, budget, and schedule will be met.

Whatever your specific training mission entails, we will work with you to design a FFS to accomplish your objectives. Contact FRASCA to learn more about our high quality, high value Full Flight Simulators.

Experienced Fixed Wing FTD Provider

FRASCA is the industry leader in flight training devices (FTDs). Our FTDs and FNPTs are in use at top flight training organizations worldwide because we go above and beyond the industry standards - resulting in FTDs that meet and exceed your expectations.

Frasca RTD - Reconfigurable Training Device

FRASCA builds AATDs (Advanced Aviation Training Devices) that are used by top flight schools worldwide. By integrating flow through technology from FFS and FTD manufacturing, we are able to provide an AATD that provides the best outcome for your flight school. Every feature offers a solid benefit for business and/or safety - more than any comparable device.

“A sampling of our most popular flight simulation devices is displayed below. Please contact us with your specific simulation needs.”


FRASCA uses advanced avionics to match the actual aircraft's avionics.


Take your training to new heights with our all new advanced Instructor Operating System.


Frasca's TruVision™ Global Adds Incredible Realism And Training Value To Your Simulator. Mutiple Display Options Available.
RTD Single Channel Garmin G1000 NXi


Choose the best outcome for your flight school with the world’s highest quality AATD.