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Frasca International manufactures flight training equipment for airlines, flight schools and military organizations worldwide. Founded in 1958, Frasca has delivered over 2,500 devices to over 70 countries.

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Frasca First to Integrate Garmin’s GTN 650 Into Flight Simulators

Frasca is the first simulator manufacturer to integrate Garmin’s GTN 650 into flight simulators. Garmin’s GTN 650/750 series is the long-awaited replacement for the incredibly popular GNS 430/530 series. Fleet owners who retrofit their existing aircraft fleet with newer avionics may now match their simulators to their aircraft, thus enabling flight students to transfer more learning from the simulator to the aircraft.  The first customer to request GTN 650’s into their simulators is Sault College with their Frasca-built Zlin 242L Level 5 FTD.(April 11, 2014) Full Story.

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