Frasca H225M FFS

Indonesia’s aerospace industry is growing, and Frasca, a FlightSafety International company, is playing a key role in supporting its development with the recent completion of Factory Acceptance of a Level D H225M Helicopter Full Flight Simulator (FFS) as part of PT Dirgantara Indonesia’s (PTDI) collaboration with Frasca to deliver a Level D H225M Helicopter FFS to the Indonesian Air Force (IDAF). (more…)

Frasca TH-73A Navy Flight Simulator

Frasca, a FlightSafety International company, delivered groundbreaking technology to the U.S. Navy nearly three years ahead of expectations, producing a more efficient and cost-effective training system for the U.S. Navy’s next generation rotary wing training program. (more…)

Frasca Cirrus Simulator for United Airlines

By 2030, United Airlines plans to hire at least 10,000 pilots to both fill retirement vacancies and to fly its additional 500+ new aircraft expected to be online by that date. A bold plan like this requires bold execution. United opened United Aviate Academy (UAA) in December 2021 with the goal of training half of those needed pilots at a rate of 500 a year to maintain a strong pipeline of qualified aviators for years to come. United is the only major U.S. airline to own a flight training school. (more…)

Frasca Archer RTD Simulator

The law of primacy states how we first learn to perform a skill will be the way we best remember how to execute that skill, regardless of whether what we learned was correct or not. It is hard to unlearn what we were first taught and relearn how to perform a skill a new way. For flight instruction, it is imperative we teach and learn skills properly and completely the first time to avoid mistakes in the flight deck. (more…)